About ALcentrum

ALcentrum was founded in 2008 as a small family business. I wanted to make good use of the extensive experience with metal constructions gained by my co-workers and close relatives.

In the past, I used to work abroad and I got used to a certain standard. At the moment, our company cooperates with an important foreign company for which we manufacture their own product line of aluminium constructions. We highly value helpfulness, quality and reliability. We think these values should be of the utmost importance for every company and it is the path we chose for us too. We always try to help every single customer individually and thus, save his/her money and time. We understand that the investment into an aluminium construction is quite high and therefore we always try to find the ideal solution for everyone.

We also try to make our products attractive and affordable for every kind of customer.

On behalf of the ALcentrum s.r.o. team
Jan Kutílek

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