Aluminium fences and fence screens

hlinikove ploty a plotove zasteny 01Do you want to enjoy privacy and peace in the garden? Get an elegant fence or fence screen made of aluminum profiles from Alcentrum. We install functional shading around the garden pool, fence on the front side of the house or a complete fencing solution around the entire perimeter of the land.

Residents of new and older housing developments with family houses often face the problem of a close proximity to neighboring gardens. The solution may be, for example, hedges. However, these require constant care. If you do not want to spend time chopping, fertilizing and doing other necessary work around the hedges, we have found the answer how to attain a privacy! Aluminum fences and fence screens are elegant and very functional. They can become a great accessory to the aluminum pergola. They also serve as excellent windshields to ensure comfort in the garden.

Main advantages of aluminium fences are long durability, weather resistance and minimum maintenance.


Choose material for your fence screen

  • Fence panels completely made of aluminum profiles
  • Fence panels in aluminum design.
  • Fence panels in combination of aluminum and POLYCARBONATE.
  • Several color designs.


Samples of fences and fence screens

hlinikove ploty 01

hlinikove ploty 02

hlinikove ploty 03