Frequently asked questions about aluminium constructions

What is the difference between the PROFI and DELUXE product lines?

The PROFI product line offers a polycarbonate rooftop, as opposed to the DELUXE product line where the roofing is made from a more luxurious material - safety glass. That is why this line is more expensive. The price is influenced by a more expensive roofing material and also by the total weight of the aluminium construction. DELUXE aluminium constructions weigh approximately a double of the PROFI constructions. The DELUXE product line has also different demands in terms of firmness.

What is the ALcentrum guarantee on aluminium constructions?

We provide a 24month guarantee.

Do we have to order a standard size of the aluminium construction?

We also manufacture aluminium constructions in non-standard sizes. The final price of the construction is equal to the closest bigger standard size we offer.

How do we need to prepare the construction site in order to install an aluminium construction?

For the installation and assembly, we need concrete footers in which pillars will be anchored. The investor must build these according to our drawings. During the assembly, we need to be provided access to the electricity grid.

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